So, you’ re probably thinking, “who makes a blog about this?”

Well, most people won’t. But as a university student I can say, the academic pressure almost consumes you. So, you push, try your best and work hard in order to achieve those good grades, right? From that follows graduating (yay!), and the next thing you know, you’re in a good job, finally earning the decent salary you deserve and you have a sense of stability in your life.

Hard truth: it doesn’t work that way or it’s not that easily accomplished.

Therefore I’ve made the blog. It’s based on the University of Cape town and all around Cape Town. Its purpose is to, aid current and upcoming students on the reality of university life and not the preconceived idea of what university supposedly is. This blog will highlight the importance of getting involved. Whether it be internships, volunteering or programmes. This is what will give you a good qualification in the future. Yes, your academic life is very important but involvement is almost equally important.

Employers in the “world out there” don’t just want to see that you can pass your grades but they want you to be a well-rounded individual. A person that has experience in some field and will excel in the working world. But other than future careers, involvement of any sort is not only a benefit to your future, but it helps develop you as a person and in fact-  a better person. Furthermore (in the case of volunteering), communities and many people’s lives will be changed, improved and appreciated by your participation.

So go on! Explore the various posts of this blog. From careers, university, lists of programmes and institutions to get involved in to, volunteer organisations in Cape Town and all the benefits involvement can offer.

Just by reading this blog you’re one step closer to becoming the better, well-rounded person and positive addition to society that you’re meant to be!